Graduate Students

    Dr. Damoiseaux is currently accepting graduate student applications. Students with an interest in functional or structural brain connectivity (i.e. resting state fMRI and diffusion weighted imaging), normal aging, early detection of Alzheimer's disease, and/or age-related changes in cognition are encouraged to apply.

    For admission requirements and academic curriculum, please refer to the Department of Psychology and Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience pages. For more information on specific research options, please contact Dr. Damoiseaux (damoiseaux@wayne.edu).

    Undergraduate Assistants

    Undergraduate research assistants assist with data entry, administration of neuropsychological tests, MRI data processing and other appropriate research duties as they arise. This opportunity is great for junior or senior undergraduates who are looking for research experience in a cognitive neuroscience lab. Volunteers should expect to put in around 8-10 hours of work a week. If you are interested, send a letter of interest and CV to connectlab@wayne.edu.