If you are interested in participating in our study, please send an email with age, gender, and phone contact information to connectlab@wayne.edu or call us at 313-664-2670. We will discuss the study further and determine eligibility over the phone.


We are seeking healthy older-adult participants with a clinical diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). In order to be considered eligible, you must:

  • be a native English speaker
  • be right-handed
  • be an adult over the age of 60
  • not have a significant diagnosed medical, neurological, or psychiatric illness
  • not have any implanted metal or electrical devices in the body
  • not have a history of brain damage


Each visit consists of two sessions: an MRI session of approximately 2 hours, followed by a break, concluded by a neuropsychological test session of 3 hours. This visit can also be split over two separate days, depending on your preference. These time frames take into account preparations, consent forms, and breaks.


Participants are compensated $80 in gift cards for participating in the MRI and cognitive sessions.